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Who Am I?

I bring passion for great user experience and attention to detail to developing interactive projects. My experience as a developer reinforces usability to the visual concept while enabling modification and expansion as needed. My mission is to help the client achieve their business goals by keeping the end user top-of-mind and continuously learning about new technologies and trends.

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Adam Cole
Adam ColeSenior Web Developer

Some of my highlights

With the vision that technology is meant to serve and bring added values to individuals and business a like, I pride myself on the ability to deliver an elegant solution in a timely manner no matter what the scale. For me, it’s important to achieve a balance between functionality and user experience. I feel a successful web application should be easy to use, intuitive, and simply work the right way every time.
Every project is fun in it’s own right. But the best projects are developed when the designers and the developers are left with a loose scope and timeline. That’s when we get to use the latest technologies and have a chance to really perfect techniques.
Outside of computer science and IT, I send my time bicycling, playing with my kids and catching up on house hold chores (which really only happens when Sarah catches me.).
I left ITT Tech in 2005 with a degree in Software Application Programming and created ByteRecursion Web Design. I have partnered with fantastic firms, such as GUI Visions and NightOwl Creative to build and maintain large national websites.

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.