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Object Oriented Programming

One of the best reasons to use object oriented programming is to organize your code into logical blocks. This allows you to group functions and variables into an organized unit called an object. This practice is called code encapsulation.


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PHP Classes – Part 2: Magic methods

Believe it or not every class created with PHP has a number of magic methods. These are a group of class methods that PHP automatically calls during the execution of a script. Which is good, but we get to hijack them which is great. […]

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PHP Classes – Part 1: A Basic Class

This is my introduction to classes in PHP. Object Oriented Programming is such a large topic that can get very complicated very quickly so stay tuned as I explore OOP in PHP!

For the first installation of OOP in PHP lets begin exploring PHP classes. With this series I am assuming you already know the basics of PHP. If you see something that you have a question about or want more explanation leave a comment and I will give you as much information as I have.


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