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Setup and Configuration

Setting up Maven

Maven is a build tool that automates everything related to building a software project, including:

Compiling all the source code
Generating the documentation from the source code
Packaging the complied code into a JAR or WAR archive file
Installing the packaged archives files on a server

To install Maven:

Go to Maven’s download page:
Click on the
Once the download is […]

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Setting up Environment Variables

By updating the Windows PATH environment variable we can allow easier access to command line tools through the command prompt.

Navigate to Control Panel | System and Security | System | Advanced system settings.
A System Properties window will appear; in this window, select the Advanced tab and click on the Environment Variables button to open […]

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Setting up Java

Go to the Java SE download page on the Oracle website:
Click on the Java platform JDK download link; this will take you to the license agreement page. Accept the license agreement by selecting the “Accept License Agreement” radio button..
Click the download link for the proper build for you OS and system architecture.
Run the installation for […]

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