Developing apps for iOS devices is one of the most intimidating goals that I’ve set for myself. I am a developer that has been working in the field for well over 10 years. The first time I took a look at Objective-C was culture shock. So to help my personal growth and to retain more as I study, I will be documenting what I learn as I go. I find that this is the best way to retain everything that I pickup.

Its easy enough to say that we’re going to learn to build apps. But if we take that and break it down to the individual subjects that we’re going to go through we have a never ending list of subject matter.  To make this approachable we going to be break down the process into these three main areas.

  • Objective-C: This is the native language for all things Mac.
  • Core Concepts: These include all of a developers’ favorite topics. Things like Memory Management, delegation, archiving, and the standard design patters.
  • Frameworks: Apple loves frameworks, everything is a framework, I think you’ll see that word an excessive amount in these pages.

So let’s buckle down and see how far we can go!