General API

Sitefinity has made a large effort to expose the functionality of the CMS through their API this allows developers to expand the functionality of the CMS to suite the site needs. While the API is fully developed and ready for use the documentation is currently unavailable.

API Reference Documentation

View a Sample Usage of the General API

Fluent API

Fluent API is a way of implementing object oriented API in a way that it provides readable code. A fluent interface is normally implemented by using method chaining to relay the instruction context of a subsequent call (Wikipedia:Fluent Interface Design). Each line of code does a task oriented operation.

The Fluent API is built on top of the standard API. It is another layer, which can be described as a wrapper of the all manager classes that a developer would usually use in order to create content, pages, classification units or users. Its main purpose is to simplify the development.

View a Sample Usage of the Fluent API

General API vs Fluent API

Sitefinity develops functionality in the General API, then the functionality is expanded into the Fluent API. This has the effect that the Fluent API is always behind the General API. In a lot of cases there is functionality in the General API that is not present in the Fluent API.

While Fluent API may be easier to use. The missing functionality means that a developer will have to switch back and forth from the Fluent API to the General API. So for consistency it is currently better to work with the General API.